Swiggy had run a campaign during Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018, dubbed as Gulab Jamun Uncle (you would definitely recognise). A week into it, they witnessed a 30% jump in the searches for the sweet on the platform. During that period they had thousands of app downloads in tier 2&3 cities in which they were not even present in, back then.

This year, Swiggy Instamart, its quick commerce grocery service, became the 11th official partner for the mega cricketing event, Tata IPL 2022. An idea to bring both food delivery and Instamart services under a single thematic campaign for the first time. 

But are they able to replicate the same success? Let’s check out.


What did they do?

The whole campaign was divided into three major platforms

  1. On App Deals
    a) Swiggy ran the Swiggy Instamart Fast 5 offer over the 60 days of play. The overs between 16-20 in both the innings of every IPL match were called Swiggy Instamart Fast 5, where viewers could get exciting deals including up to 50% off across hundreds of products.

    b) Swiggy also launched Match Day Mania with exclusive deals for groups watching the match together. It curated four exclusive matchday snack boxes for users to pick from, covering everything that users might need to elevate their IPL viewing experience. 

  2. Swiggy Instamart Fastest Delivery of the Match
    The Fastest delivery bowled in every match were awarded Rs 1,00,000 and the fastest delivery of the tournament won Rs 10,00,000. It was won by Umran Malik of Susnrisers Hyderbad. Few glimpses of after-match presentation.

  3. Social Media Campaign
    Conceptualised by Ogilvy India, they launched a campaign under #AapKiskeSaathDekhoge. In words of Piyush Pandey, Chairman Global Creative & Executive Chairman, Ogilvy India, “Swiggy is the friend that makes experiences better. #AapKiskeSaathDekhoge is an invitation for people to enjoy the company of Swiggy.’




How much did they spend?

Through its title sponsorship of IPL, Swiggy spent around 28% of its annual marketing budget to promote Instamart. 

The IPL-Instamart sponsor partnership is said have close at approx ₹50 crore (US$6.6 million) annually.

What did they achieve?

Let’s review each metric from the campaign - mapping the conversions at each step

  1. Increased Penetration before and after IPL from 6.08% to 7.2%(Users using application, out of the total Indian internet smartphone population in the given timeframe)
  2. Increased Open Rate before and after IPL from 43.06% to 44.99% (Existing users who opened application at least once in the given timeframe)
  3. Increased average number of sessions per user pre to post IPL - 9.09%
  4. Increased average duration of sessions Per User (min) pre to post IPL - 4.17%
  5. Increased total application installs pre to post IPL - 52.13%
  6. Increased new application installs pre to post IPL - 80.4%
  7. Increased active users pre to post IPL - 58.94%
  8. Decreased Fortnightly Churn before and after IPL from 57.74% to 53.49%(Active users who opened application in the last 15 days but did not open it in the next 15 days)


The numbers looked up, with Swiggy confirming the number of orders increased by 20% during the IPL season. Looks like the investment was worth the risk.